Bishop Celebrating Together


This Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September sees the community event ‘Bishop Celebrating Together’ happen, but what’s it all about?

Rewind 6 weeks ago and all of this was just an idea.

An idea that I had originally came up with, I wanted to see a Bishop Auckland celebration day within our town, where the full community came together and enjoyed themselves, celebrating the passion that the people have for this town, and support the local community with it too.

I’ve spoken many times before about collaborations, ever since April it’s been a foreword in a lot of things that I do.

Collaborations are about working together towards a common goal, and this event is no different.

6 weeks ago I pitched this idea to Colin Wilkes of Bishop Auckland Market, Durham Markets and Durham Street Food Project.

I approached him because I wanted to see the now popular ‘Full Moon’ Street Food Market return for one more time, to give our community, residents and visitors something to look forward too.

From here I spoke and pitched this celebration day to Lee Brownson of Bishop Auckland Town Team and Lee liked the idea too.

Fast forward 6 weeks and we as a community of people have really come together to provide an event we can all support and be proud of.


In 6 weeks we have worked immensely hard behind the scenes, whilst working with and supported by local businesses, and the community, over the next two days sees this event come together on what we hope will be the first of many ‘Bishop Celebrating Together’ events in the years to come.

This event is all about Bishop Auckland, the community, the people, collaborations and just enjoyment.

With the start of the celebration weekend now just hours away, what I personal like about this project is how our community and businesses have got behind it from the outset.

Many businesses creating special offers and wanting to be a part of this weekend, to offer many different choices and options to what we hope will bring many visitors into Bishop Auckland over the 2 day event.

Tonight sees the return of the popular ‘Full Moon’ Street Food Market.

For anyone that has been before they’ll tell you it’s an event to look forward too, with a varied selection of food stalls, craft beers, and live musical entertainment, it’s an opening event to share with family and friends in our iconic market place.


To read more about the ‘Full Moon’ Markets, see here:

Along with the above article, further parking is now available in the Bondgate car park, as per the below photos.


Stall holders tonight are:

Earth & Fire

The Asian Project

La French Pop Up

Hatch 76

Auckland Cupcake Co

HI Food

Barista Sisters

Caps Off

Harvey’s Sausages

Good Grazing

Los Churro and Waffle

Ice Cream Van

Animal Kingdom

Children’s Roundabout and Candyfloss

Children’s Facepainting


Saturday sees a full day of community themed entertainment starting at 10.00am from live music, to dancers, to entertainers, stilt walkers, Bishop the Boar, birds of prey, the police and the fire brigade too.

Also, many different events can be seen and visited within Bishop Auckland Town Hall, No.42 and St Anne’s Church over the course of the day too.

Alongside the entertainment sees over 20 market traders take part in Bishop Auckland’s Saturday Market, hopefully giving some impetus for future week’s too.

Saturday’s Market Traders can be found here:

With performances from local musicians and dance schools:

Cara Pearson

Joe Hyam

Ami Leigh Boorman

Anthony Fish

Aldworth Williams Experience

Xtreme Dance Fusion

Sandra Welsh School of DanceĀ 


Tonight is the start of the ‘Bishop Celebrating Together’ and we hope the community comes out in support of both tonight’s and tomorrow’s events.

Bishop Auckland is a town like no other, it’s a town full of passionate people, a town that everyone wants to see it return to its once former glories.

And together we can all help it happen.

To hear more about the ‘Bishop Celebrating Together’ events please listen here:

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Jodie Fitzgibbon & The She Wolf Project


Let me first off introduce you all to Jodie Fitzgibbon.

Jodie is an outstanding, up and coming, musician and singer/songwriter, hailing from the North East of England.

I had the pleasure of attending a local gig last year, in which she played and performed, and totally wowed her audience and myself, with her impressive vocal range and sparkling personality.

Since that performance, I have been lucky enough to get to know Jodie in and outside of her music and consider her to be a good friend too.

Jodie Fitzgibbon is a name worth taking note of, since following her musical progression over the last year, she is definitely going places.

Not only is she a talented multi-instrumental musician, but she is also an invigorator in the North East by hosting regular ‘Open Mic nights to showcase local talent.

Having performed since an early age and going on to study musical theatre and dance, Jodie has been writing her own songs since the age of 14.

Which led her onto winning the ‘North East Unsigned Radio Track of the Year in 2015, for her song “Going Down”

Last year Jodie also was a nominated finalist for ‘Best Solo Female’ at the Ubeat Music Awards and ‘Best Unsigned Female’ at the Best of British – Unsigned Music Awards.

Jodie is passionate about her music and wants to use her expression and emotion within her songs to connect with her audience.

Once you have seen Jodie Fitzgibbon perform once, you’ll want to see her play and perform time and time again, her vocal range is outstanding, and delivers on every song she performs, as you can see here;


Jodie regularly gigs across a wide number of different venues across the North East, to find out where she will be playing next, please visit her Facebook page for more information.

From the title of this article, I mentioned not just Jodie Fitzgibbon, but I also made reference to ‘The She Wolf Project’ and before I go on to talk about them, I should really introduce you to Jodie’s bandmate, Ami Vaziri.


Ami is also another talented musician, and singer/songwriter who hails from the North East of England, growing up in Northumberland.

Ami having studied and graduated from the ‘Sage Academy of Performing Arts’ in 2011, has gone onto achieve some great successes so far in her career, and has a wealth of experience behind her, having performed both Internationally and UK wide as a professional singer during the last 9 years.

Some of the countries Ami has performed in include;

UK, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, USA, and the Caribbean.

Alongside, supporting Rod Stewart in his stadium tour, at St James’s Park, Newcastle in 2008.

If you’ve never seen Ami perform before, she comes highly recommended, and again you can’t help to be impressed by her vocal range and fantastic delivery and stage presence.

Ami has also added to her impressive achievements by presenting at last year’s Ubeat Awards 2016, on both the red carpet and backstage, interviewing the award winners on the night.


Ami also regularly gigs across a wide range of different venues across the North East, and like Jodie, hosts ‘Open Mic’ nights too.

Please see here for one of her promotional videos:

To find out where Ami will be playing next or for more information, please visit her Facebook page:

Finally, please let me introduce you to ‘The She Wolf Project’ not all of you may have heard of them yet, but you all will.

Originally created as a 4 piece band, they now exist as a duo, represented by both Ami Vaziri and Jodie Fitzgibbon.

They are without doubt, one of the new shining lights to come out of the North East, and we already have a rich vein of musicians, artists and bands just waiting to be discovered and heard.

The duo having only met each other 12 months ago have formed a strong bond and show great chemistry when they perform alongside each other.

Click here to hear their first collaboration as a duo performing their own version of ‘Zayn Malik’s’ smash hit number one single ‘Pillowtalk’.


As you’ll agree The She Wolf Project have a great sound, with exceptional vocals and supporting harmonies.

This song was produced by David Stoker, who whilst is also a talented musician in his own right, is fast developing a growing reputation, to deliver impressive arrangements that he produced on this track.

The video was recorded by Dan Charles of Moody Cow Productions.

As you can see the North East holds a lot of talent in the creative industries at the moment, and none more so than both Jodie, Ami and their new band ‘The She Wolf Project’


Individually they are outstanding performers, together; they are unforgettable, and just waiting to be discovered.

The She Wolf Project are currently writing and rehearsing a wide range of songs to start gigging in the very near future.

To find out more information and to follow their progress, please visit their Facebook page;

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