Nothing ever just happens.


For me personally, it’s something I have been reflecting on in the last few weeks, both about myself and of our town.

To think back, remember, realise and if I could rewind myself back to the very start.

Just over a year ago not only did I decide half heartedly may I add, to start writing entries to my own Kynren journey, but I amongst probably many of my friends and family wouldn’t have expected that I could sustain writing over a period of time, never mind that it would light a fire inside myself and create a passion.


Nor did I ever think it would lead me to becoming a National Awards Finalist either.

Things don’t just happen, not on there own, not without personal sacrifice, hard work, determination and most of all patience.

You have to remember why you start something, ultimately it’s because you wanted to better yourself, to challenge yourself, to not limit your own capabilities.

Looking back I realise I’m in the position I’m in because of the choices I’ve made, the decisions that I’ve had to make and having the self belief to continue and remain patient, whilst the easiest thing in the world would be to stop.

I’m passionate and proud, stubborn at times too, I want the best future I can for myself and the people around me, including the community I live in.

I want to help and support, become one of the foundations to help this town stabilise itself and grow, to offer more opportunities to the next generation(s) to come.

There’s opportunity in this town, a buzz again, a community spirit, people are talking globally about Bishop Auckland and whilst our town centre isn’t quite there yet, there is certainly more to come.

There are many good people working hard in this town, residents, businesses, volunteers too, trying to make the place we call home a better place to live.

Opinions and perceptions are valid and everyone has a given right to voice them, but let’s turn them into giving Bishop Auckland it’s voice again, let’s create a positive vibe within our town, let’s all come together and help to promote positive change, let’s look towards our future rather than comparing it to our past.

What I most like, probably love about Bishop Auckland is its passion.

The passion amongst it’s people, I’ve never experienced it anything quite like it is here, the people are proud and it shows.

Yes for me I’m excited about how our developing town is changing, to how Kynren has changed us too, to how the art galleries and museums will encourage more visitors to our town with it.

To the Welcome Building, I’m already looking forward to experiencing the view from the watch tower platform for the very first time.

I’m excited about the potential, I’m excited about new investors who have and are setting up new businesses in our town.

And for me as a resident, what can I do?

I can always do more…

I can promote.

I can encourage.

I can support.

I can look to reach out to the bigger brands, investors, developers and businesses via social media platforms and encourage them to take a look at Bishop Auckland as their next location.

All things I’ve already been doing.

In order to have the town we want, we have to collectively support the one we have, in order to help it grow.

Bishop Auckland is more than just charity and betting shops and takeaways too.

Although each in their own right is a business, each having an impact on our community and we need them, we need them to encourage more businesses into our town.

Progress is happening within the town, perhaps not as quickly as some may like but it is happening, and it will continue to happen too.

The market is back, and it’s gradually growing.

Collectively now is the time to continue to promote what we have, to encourage those interested parties to join us, and help us to develop our hometown.

And that’s exactly what I will continue to do, I will continue to write free blogging articles on behalf of businesses, charities and the community, to help and promote them and raise their exposure, which in turn will hopefully continue to attract new customers and visitors into our town, as much as I hope new investors will too.

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What’s Next?


Following on from my recent blog articles, mainly promoting Bishop Auckland, a question has lead to what’s next?

The very simple answer is many things, there are so many different articles to write about in the up and coming days and weeks ahead.

The insights of views and visitors to each blog article posted in recent days is testimont that readers, not only locally, but UK and International wide too, are interested to see and hear more of what Bishop Auckland has to offer.

And Bishop Auckland has lots to tell and share, from the many businesses, and many selfless charities, to the people who go above and beyond to help their community.

Bishop Auckland is a fantastic place to live, and I’m keen to write to highlight and show off our town, to showcase what we have got to attract new visitors in, whilst reminding the community of what is here.

I recently wrote an article called;


I reached out to our community and asked if any businesses or charities would like a ‘free blog article’ written, to help promote their business or charity, to help raise more exposure or attract more visitors into the town.

And further to recent articles with Bishop Auckland Market and Smokehouse, I’ll be following up with articles with these interested parties too;

Rio Bar Cafe

Autumn Leaves Landscaping

Caps Off

Park Head Hotel

Willow Burn Hospice

Smile 4 Claire

Butterwick Hospice

Bishop Auckland and Coundon in Bloom

Alongside many others too.

I want to write and talk about our town and the many delightful walks that are on our doorstep, some that you may not have even realised were there, and others that you may have simply forgot about.

And help and promote any events that are on within Bishop Auckland too.

What’s in it for me, some people will or may ask?

As you can see nothing, I’m passionate about my town, just like you are, I want to see it stabilise, I want to see it grow, I want to see it thrive.

I want to see it progress, I want that buzz to return, I want everyone talking about it.

And the only way we can do that is to continue to promote it, ourselves, and together.

Following on from the blog I wrote about my experience as a volunteer at Kynren.

I once took a blank piece of paper and inside 12 months was a beaten finalist in a National award in London last month.

I know first hand with hard work and belief that anything can be achievable, all the while doing this whilst battling back against depression.

For me, I’ve discovered a passion through writing, it’s a focus for me, and it’s an important part of my life.

And through each article it’s showcasing any future employer exactly what I’m capable of achieving not only for myself but for their business too.

I see this as a win, win scenario, helping to support and promote Bishop Auckland, the town I live in, the town I’m passionate about, whilst continuing to rebuild my life in the process too.

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