Smokehouse, Bishop Auckland


The ‘Smokehouse’ is one of the newest businesses to open in Bishop Auckland, and for those people who have had the opportunity to try their menu, they can’t fail to not be disappointed.

The Smokehouse has an air of mystery to it, hidden down the side street of Railway Street, and is more or less opposite the Hippodrome Bingo Hall, but on their growing reputation, it will be the Smokehouse on where people describe where Railway Street is in the future.

With a rustic feel to the venue, with upcycled school tables and stools to sit and eat it simply adds to its charm.

Located in one corner is an upcycled bar with hand pulled local produced beer from a beer and food festival that they had last month, and are keen to replicate something similar again in the future.

But wait until I tell you about the food?

Beautiful is the only word I’d describe it.

For the town of Bishop Auckland it offers something different, and talking to their owners, the Smokehouse is only the start of their ambitious plans.


The menu consists currently of varying tasty treats such as;

Pulled Pork with the most delightful twice cooked chips, apple sauce, homemade coleslaw and the spicy kicked accompaniment of barbecue sauce, and a drink coming in at great value of £5.00 as a meal deal.


Alongside this the brisket is extremely tasty, equally are the chicken wings, chicken legs or a spicy sausage, with new additions constantly being introduced and added to their menu.

Including the outstanding belly busting of a meal with the giant smoked beef ribs as below.

Smokehouse is fast becoming a popular place to visit, and from not only the photos and videos but the glowing reviews, you can really start to see why.

Open from around 11.30am each day why not give it a try for your lunch when your next in town, you’ll not be disappointed.

For more information please visit their Facebook page:


Bishop Auckland Market


As you may have read from previous posts, I wanted to talk more about the town of Bishop Auckland alongside many other topics through this blog.

I wanted to remind people of our community what we have actually got within our town as opposed to some reoccurring comments of what we haven’t.

Alongside promoting the many different businesses within our town centre to a wider audience, to help to attract more visitors to the area.

Bishop Auckland is a town, our town, but when compared to what we haven’t got within the high street, many compare it against what a city has.

Bishop Auckland is a developing town and will continue to be transformed over the continuing years.

Many towns and even cities up and down the country would welcome the opportunity that we are currently in.

But with all progress and new projects, and the construction of these, they do take time.

Leading on to the title of this blog, and the return of Bishop Auckland’s Market.

Bishop Auckland will always be renowned as a ‘market town’ the many stories I’ve eagerly listened too from many residents, and visitors from a far recalling how they remembered it, and the passion and proudness for it.

A vibrant and busy town, with lots of shops, lots of traders and lots of choice.

For the past 3 weeks since its launch, the new market has returned to its regular spot, filling an area of the market place, and giving the town a focal point once again.

After hearing good reports I popped down on Thursday to see for myself.

With an array of different offerings of produce and products, from local businesses, it was a welcome sight to see in the heart of our town.

And as word spreads amongst the local communities and the region, our market town will steadily grow and become more popular with visitors and traders alike.

One stand out business that have not only welcomed the new market, but have taken it by storm are; The Auckland Cupcake Co.

Sold out for the 3rd week running, and from the beautiful looking but equally tasting delights, you can’t fail to see why.

Bishop Auckland’s market now takes place every Thursday from 9.00am till 4.00pm.

With further plans to open on a Saturday too, for more information please visit their Facebook page: where you will find more information on which businesses you will find trading, or details on how to register for a stall.



Throughout this blog, I’m aiming to talk about a number of different topics, that relate to me.

From passions and my experiences with life and lifestyle, to talking more about mental health, depression and anxiety, and the important stages of recovery that I am going through.

I want to write more blog articles about my town of Bishop Auckland, I want to remind people of what we have on our doorstep, whilst continuing to discuss all the new developments that will be a welcome addition to the town in the next couple of years.

But within this blog I want to talk about travel too, or more in this case travelling.

As we know the world is a very big place and there are so many wonderful countries to explore.

There’s no secret with me, that due to my current life events, after being diagnosed with depression my life has taken a different turn.

It’s been a hugely difficult, frustrating and challenging last 6 months, and one that has changed me, strengthened me, and ultimately has made me face up to who I really am.

I no longer see the world as this dark place, where I simply get by, going from A to B and repeating day after day, on the hope that something miraculous changes, and re-plots my life back on the course I always dreamt and hoped for.

As difficult as it has been, decisions have been made about my future, decisions I’ve taken lots of time out to think about, but I’ve known since the turn of this year that they would have a possibility of happening, and so they have proved they have.

My next step as mentioned in my introduction post, is to sell up.

Not the easiest decision in the world to make, but with all my decision making in the last 6 months, it’s the right decision for me, and that’s important.

Always make these decisions on what you feel is right for you, and I’ve not let myself down thus far.

So what happens next?

Again so many parameters may change in the upcoming weeks and months, selling the house is the right call for me, no matter what happens.

It offers a new start, whether that is in Bishop Auckland or on a temporary basis anywhere in the world.

It may come as a surprise to some, but if I had choices, I wouldn’t be going anywhere, Bishop Auckland is my home, and it always will be.

So travelling? Where do I fancy?

Everyone has a list don’t they?

The cities and countries they’ve been too and loved, to the places that they’ve always wanted to go to but have never got round to going.

I like you, I’m absolutely no different, the city that stands out for me out of everywhere that I’ve managed to travel too, and there has been a few.


Is none other than Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺

Ever since visiting this city 7 years ago, it captured my heart, and it has held it, for me Melbourne has everything you could ever wish for from a city, so of course it will be high on my list to return.

But it won’t be the first one.

The country, or more so countries that really appeal to me is Scandinavia.

Norway 🇳🇴


Denmark 🇩🇰


Sweden 🇸🇪


Finland 🇫🇮


Iceland 🇮🇸


It’s my intention to explore more of the world and write and record my experiences in visiting each place.

Giving a fresh insight, witnessing and experiencing it from my own eyes and capturing my audiences attention to hopefully inspire you to go too.

The world is full of potential and needs to be seen and not just read about.



Promoting Bishop Auckland


For all those that know me, they know that I’m a passionate person at the best of times.

When something captures my attention and then captures my heart, I want to do everything I can to help it improve.

My town of Bishop Auckland has my heart, it will always be considered as home no matter where I end up.

In different circumstances, I wouldn’t even be considering leaving, there is so much potential, and what some don’t see is there always was.

Throughout many of my blog articles I talk about what makes me proud, and there are many things within this town, if you take a moment to look and take everything in.

What is the biggest achievement of Bishop Auckland?

It’s the people.

That answer has never changed, it’s always been the people, hard workers, committed and passionate.

For me in an ideal world, one that you often catch yourself dreaming of, but unfortunately at times can never be a true reality.

I wouldn’t be leaving Bishop Auckland, I truly wouldn’t, I would of liked to have had an opportunity to work within the town, with a role that could afford me to make a difference, to give back and encourage even more visitors to visit the area.

Through my blog posts effectively I have been doing just that, creating further exposure of the Kynren project in the main, trying to attract more visitors, and ensure sell out shows.

But there is more to Bishop Auckland than just Kynren, believe me a whole lot more.


Like most towns up and down the country, town centres are struggling, and Bishop Auckland is no different, but the people are trying to improve it.

With the introduction of Kynren last year which attracted over 100,000 visitors to the show, new businesses in the town are slowly, but surely, starting to become attracted to the many different developments, that through both Auckland Castle Trust and Eleven Arches Trust are delivering.


The return of a weekly market has returned to the town in the past couple of weeks adding to what shoppers can purchase.

For me since becoming a finalist at the UK Blog Awards last month.


It’s provided me a large audience, UK wide and Internationally too, not focused on me, but focused on both Kynren and Bishop Auckland, and I want to carry that on.

I want to keep raising awareness of our great town, our businesses, our local charities, and what the fantastic people do to support our town.

So I’m reaching out a little bit, whilst I’m still here, I’d like to write more about our local community, I’d like to write about our people, to write blog postings regarding the businesses of our town and any events that are on to encourage and attract more visitors to our area and keep giving back.

If your business, charity organisation, event or you have ideas on what may be a good topic that I can write about to help promote your cause and Bishop Auckland to a wider audience, you can contact me here through my Facebook page.



Well for all of you who don’t know me, or maybe you may recognise the name, or the face, here I am, Andrew Corry.

Relatively new to writing or blogging, having only started a little over a year ago, but I have achieved so much in only a short time.

If you’ve followed some of my work, I wrote the original ‘Kynren Blog’ that was recently a finalist at the UK Blog Awards held at Westminster, London in April 2017.

‘Kynren’ My Experience | This blog is sharing my thoughts and journey as a volunteer on the Eleven Arches project ‘Kynren’

Alongside this I had been writing a second blog, completely different on subject type, as this was recording a different journey, through my diagnosis with depression since November 2016 and ongoing recovery.

Black behind my eyes

With depression many sufferers refer to a ‘black dog’ for me, when I felt like my depression had it’s hold over me, and when it did, I felt as though I was ‘Black Behind My Eyes’ on many occasions.

Since the blog awards drew to a close a couple of weeks ago, I’ve taken time out, a lot of time out.


I have half written a couple of articles, but apart from that I have hardly written at all.

Through my depression, or more so recovery, I decided with a heavy heart to quit the Kynren project, to work more on my wellbeing.

It is always a tough decision to make, especially when  you decide to walk away from something you love, and with it, walk away from something that had helped to inspire a new passion.

How can you write about Kynren if you are no longer a part of Kynren right?

So through many a day, and many a sleepless night I had been weighing up everything, and for me, hard as it was, it’s been a very good decision.

It may not be forever, but it’s definitely right for me, right now, and that is the only thing that matters for me at present.

But, that’s where the dilemma laid, what would I write about now?

Well as I’ve taken some time out to think wisely and carefully, I’ve come to some life decisions too.

As I’m still progressing through my recovery, and not being too sure on what or where my next career step will come from, I decided my next step is to sell my house.

Not an easy decision I know, one that has weighed me down for a number of months, but I knew this could happen, and sadly it has.

In selling the property it will provide me with some financial freedom and with it, some more much needed time to work out what I want and where I’d like to be doing it.

The plan is once it’s sold, to go and see some of the world, visit some new countries, cities or towns, places where I’ve always had a desire to go to, just never got around to going.

However, as I say this, I have applied for certain job roles that tick all of the boxes and if it proved to be successful, all of the above plans would change again.

For me, I’m a passionate person to start with, but I have a real passion for the place I live, and now more for the people who live here too.

For the last part, Kynren has been the catalyst for this, this project has brought it’s community back together.

To leave Bishop Auckland wouldn’t be my first choice, but currently it’s my only choice.

So what is this new blog going to be all about?

It’s going to be about many things, it’s going to act as a central hub for me to talk about a number of different topics.

Talking about my life, my experiences, travel plans, my passions, talking more about mental health from my viewpoint, relating back against ‘Black Behind My Eyes’ talking about the dark days of depression right through the process of recovering and hopefully one day, fully recovered.

And not without talking about ‘Kynren’ from time to time too, after all that’s where all this started from, even though I’m not directly involved this season, I’m still immensely proud of the project and of the people, who I can now call friends who continue to take part.

I hope you may find my blog articles of interest or relatable in the future.