Take care of yourself

Standing silently.

Focused, yet calm.

Watching, but not paying attention.

Deep in thought, but distracted.

Take care of yourself is the words you constantly remind everyone of yet you never live by your own good advice.

The words hanging on like band aids to your face, as reminders to take care but in any given moment you can rip them off so the world can’t see.

Many times it’s easier to force that smile that proves to the world you are happy than let down your daily mask and show just how vulnerable you are.

Calmness, that sense of still.

We breathe.

Hard, heavy strokes.

The world revolves as it always does, it takes no prisoners, yet holds no rewards either.

Good days, bad days.

We all have them.

Embrace the good ones and breathe.

Disgard the bad ones and breathe that little bit deeper.

Take care of yourself.


Author: Andrew Corry

Looking for opportunities as a part time freelance writer. All voluntarily work will be considered to help build my portfolio. UK Blogging Awards 2017 Finalist for my Kynren Blog - My Experience. The awards ceremony was held at Westminster, London in April 2017. I currently write for a number of clients based in business, tourism and music related industry's. For all enquiries please contact me at: corry.andrew@sky.com for further details.

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