How was the match my father asked the following day, talking from behind a newspaper.

Carnage was my reply.

Briefly looking over the top of the broadsheets he calmly replied it sounds like it, I’m pleased you didn’t take the kids now.

So am I was my reply.

In total honesty the only word to describe it was carnage.

The photograph in the paper captured a moment just like it had been all day.

Last game of the season and emotions were high and the noise at times was deafening, and that was even before the players took to the field.

Grown men scrabbling up walls to gain a higher viewpoint to level profanities to the away supporters and lead a protest at the departing chairman and hopefully manager too.

What a season it has been, only for all the wrong reasons, but they are my team, as they have always been from such a small boy.

My dad glanced once again in that same knowing acknowledgement, passed down from generations, that no matter how things are going you remain loyal to your colours.

Take them next season a voice from down the hallway was shouted with a sarcastic tone, they might actually win for once exclaimed the lady of the house.

She might just be right was the silenced acknowledgement.

Author: Andrew Corry

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