Why Hire Me?


When you find yourself unemployed, looking for work is often the easy part, finding a job in a business, company or organisation often proves to be harder, especially when competition for each role available is so high.

From a personal statement for anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I’m Andrew, I live in Bishop Auckland, and I have developed a passion for writing and the community I live in.

I have been out of work since January of this year, since being diagnosed with depression in November 2016; I left my position with my employer to concentrate on my recovery, which thankfully I am now better.

I wanted to write this article to showcase what I am capable of, to show any potential employers of what I have done and try my best to stand out from the crowd.

All I would like you to do is spend a few minutes reading it, and if you think I show potential to your business or someone you may know, please ask them to contact me directly to discuss any opportunities further, thank you for your time.


What am I looking for?

Plain and simple, an opportunity, from my CV which is available on request, for the majority of my career I have worked in Purchasing and Supply Chain, working on some prestigious projects like Terminal 5 Heathrow, London, alongside also being self-employed for around 5 years too.

However, the ideal role I am looking for is centred on Marketing, Media, Communications and Writing/Blogging which is what I excel in.



I’ve recently been looking into apprenticeship schemes as a way of getting back into employment, and have taken advice and information from various apprenticeship providers in the region.

An apprenticeship scheme wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice due to the wage structure offered, but I’m prepared to go through this process if it helps me to get back into employment and in an area of work that I not only enjoy but will deliver in.

Whilst having the added incentive of working and studying towards a certified qualification.

I found out that if a business employed a 16-18 year old apprentice that they would receive a £1,000 incentive and the course is government funded, however, the wage is paid by the employer from a minimum of £3.50 per hour.

As opposed to a business if they employed an apprentice 19 years plus, they would lose the £1,000 incentive, and the business would have to pay 10% of the course fees.

The course in this case for a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship would cost £1,200.

From being self-employed previously, when thinking about taking on new staff, there is always a cost implication attached, making apprenticeship schemes a good viable option. But another drawback with apprentices is the time you may have to dedicate to them in order to train them up.

I’m looking for a business or organisation, ideally local to Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe or Darlington who either looking for staff or are considering bringing in staff to their business in a marketing capacity.

If you are willing to take a £1,200 investment on me for experience, expertise and proven track record, and are willing to pay an apprenticeship wage of £3.50 per hour plus for the duration of the course, I hope you will consider me.

The overall cost of the course works out at £0.67 per hour added to a minimum wage of £3.50 per hour, works out at £4.17 per hour paid, based on a 37 1/2 hour working week.

Based on these figures, you could hire an experienced person who wouldn’t require day to day training, who would become a valuable member of staff for a minimum of one year for great value for money.

Marketing, Brand, Promotion, Exposure, Networking


From my time being self-employed I have worked with a number of clients. And this year volunteering with a number of organisations, I have helped them with marketing support.

My approach is to work with the business or organisation first hand, to understand their business, and brand and look to engage with their customer base to provide new opportunities in which they can connect and develop their business.

Online I use a lot of keyword searches through social media to identify the customer of businesses requirements, generally finding a lot of potential enquiries that lead onto new work, products or connections, alongside implementing email marketing campaigns for promotion.

Offline I look to network on behalf of the business, whether that is attending networking events, or using my personable skills to develop and build key relationships to aid the business or organisation.

Media and Communications


I am equally adept with working within media and communications after arranging my own media day earlier in the year to promote my Kynren Blog – My Experience which was shortlisted as a national finalist at the UK Blog Awards.

The media day consisted of being interviewed live by BBC Radio Tees and Bishop FM on radio and a pre-recorded interview with Sky television company Made in Tyne and Wear.

Alongside this I have written press releases and been the feature of press releases in local newspapers that include The Northern Echo.

Additionally, I have written and had featured articles published by a local tourism website and a London music publication.

Leading onto being approached to present on radio station Bishop FM, where I now volunteer as a presenter of their Indie Show which also requires presenting and producing the show, with a main focus of helping to give local and North East musicians a voice and a chance to be heard live on air to gain further exposure.



Overall I write three different blogs in total, these are;

Kynren Blog – My Experience

Writing and recording what it is like to volunteer in the project ‘Kynren’ where this blog has been read worldwide.

I have written a featured article for ‘This is Durham’ in July 2016 and in April 2017 was an individual finalist at The UK Blog Awards held In Westminster, London.

Shortlisted in the ‘Weddings and Events’ category, my blog was the only event shortlisted in the final and the only individual representation from County Durham.


Black Behind My Eyes

Records my journey and recovery with depression, I have written for a Mental Health project that was promoted UK wide earlier this year and thankfully through my recovery I champion Mental Health and look to support any projects through my own experience.


Andrew Corry Blog

This blog is my most current whereby I write a range of articles based mainly around promoting my hometown of Bishop Auckland, working alongside businesses, charities and community projects to help to showcase what they do to a wider audience.

An article I wrote within this blog went viral earlier this year.


Event Management


Bishop Celebrating Together

Was an event I thought up, pitched to both Durham Markets and Bishop Auckland Town Team, who joined as partners on the project, creating a community event in September which included street food markets, live entertainment; including musicians and dance schools, amongst other attractions.

The 2 day event was well attended within the market square of Bishop Auckland, whereby local businesses also commented on how good their sales had been due to the organisation of the event.

‘Bishop Celebrating Together’ will now be an annual event in Bishop Auckland’s social calendar and will be back in September 2018.


* Kynren

* Bishop FM

* Bishop Celebrating Together Event

* Bishop Auckland Town Team

* Bishop Auckland Town Ambassadors

* Long term personal and voluntary commitment to write a blog article for every Bishop Auckland business, charity and community group to showcase and promote them to a wider audience to help and encourage more business and visitors to the town.

My Future Community Projects

I’m currently working towards a wide range of community themed projects voluntarily, as I’ve recently delivered from the Bishop Celebrating Together project, ranging from charity drives, to further organised events, both business and community related including food, music and enjoyment.

Looking to continue to be as active as I can be to help and support various charities and community projects within the region.



Author: Andrew Corry

Looking for opportunities as a part time freelance writer. All voluntarily work will be considered to help build my portfolio. UK Blogging Awards 2017 Finalist for my Kynren Blog - My Experience. The awards ceremony was held at Westminster, London in April 2017. I currently write for a number of clients based in business, tourism and music related industry's. For all enquiries please contact me at: corry.andrew@sky.com for further details.

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