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I’ve now completed my 4th show with Bishop FM, but what is this project all about and how did it start.

Not through choice, not my own anyway, radio has always captured me, especially as I have a love of music like most people do, but more so in the last 12 months and maybe longer, the idea of media and marketing as a whole.

As Bishop FM is a community radio station it really wasn’t an opportunity I was going to turn down when I was first approached several months ago, although it probably wouldn’t have been something I would have persued either.

After completing my 4th show and having known what I now know, that would have been a big mistake on a personal level and who knows on a future professional level too as I have gained so much enjoyment and learnt so much from doing it.


But I wasn’t approached through chance either, in all the months prior to this conversation, I’ve been noticed because of the articles I have written and how active I am within our community, all through choice, because ultimately I want to do it, and be as involved as much as I can be to keep giving back.

Equally, as much as the articles I have written so far with a musical influence, which also brought the attention of a new London based music publication that I now write for and promote North East musicians and venues.

Hand in hand they all fit together to make this project very rewarding on a voluntarily basis for myself and for other parties too.

So earlier this year in July, after working in association with Bishop FM at the successful Smile4Claire charity event, I had a conversation that transpired into the start of what we are both collaborating to bring and achieve today.

Initially, our conversation was around presenting a new-look Indie Show on Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm, and whilst doing so was focused on helping to give the North East undiscovered music scene a voice.


To encourage local musicians and bands that write and record their own music, in knowing they will always have an outlet to be heard away from playing their gigs through their local community radio station; Bishop FM.

The longer term plan for this project is to support local musicians as much as the station and community can do, and provide them with a platform that could help them progress to their next level by creating further exposure for each band or musician.

By doing so each band or musician doesn’t just have the opportunity for their songs to be heard live, but lead them onto receiving a podcast through Mixcloud, so each of them can promote their songs to their followers and fans acknowledging that they have had air play on Bishop FM.

Leading onto future live on air performances and guest interviews, along with articles written about each of them too, bundled all together providing a very powerful multimedia package to promote local music within the North East, and wider locations too.


Looking back I am delighted to have been approached and given an opportunity to help the station, I want to play my part in helping the station grow by volunteering my time, learning new skills and to give back in a way I know I can make a difference.

Bishop FM is run by volunteers and has been operational since 2009, located on 105.9FM and transmits across the airwaves from South Church Industrial Estate.

The shows cover a wide range of music, news, local sport, programmes, local news, features and an opportunity to hear from a wide range of guests from our local community.

For more information regarding Bishop FM from opportunities to volunteer, advertise or to listen live please visit their website here:

For more information or to read more of my articles please visit:


Author: Andrew Corry

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