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For all those that know me, they know that I’m a passionate person at the best of times.

When something captures my attention and then captures my heart, I want to do everything I can to help it improve.

My town of Bishop Auckland has my heart, it will always be considered as home no matter where I end up.

In different circumstances, I wouldn’t even be considering leaving, there is so much potential, and what some don’t see is there always was.

Throughout many of my blog articles I talk about what makes me proud, and there are many things within this town, if you take a moment to look and take everything in.

What is the biggest achievement of Bishop Auckland?

It’s the people.

That answer has never changed, it’s always been the people, hard workers, committed and passionate.

For me in an ideal world, one that you often catch yourself dreaming of, but unfortunately at times can never be a true reality.

I wouldn’t be leaving Bishop Auckland, I truly wouldn’t, I would of liked to have had an opportunity to work within the town, with a role that could afford me to make a difference, to give back and encourage even more visitors to visit the area.

Through my blog posts effectively I have been doing just that, creating further exposure of the Kynren project in the main, trying to attract more visitors, and ensure sell out shows.

But there is more to Bishop Auckland than just Kynren, believe me a whole lot more.


Like most towns up and down the country, town centres are struggling, and Bishop Auckland is no different, but the people are trying to improve it.

With the introduction of Kynren last year which attracted over 100,000 visitors to the show, new businesses in the town are slowly, but surely, starting to become attracted to the many different developments, that through both Auckland Castle Trust and Eleven Arches Trust are delivering.


The return of a weekly market has returned to the town in the past couple of weeks adding to what shoppers can purchase.

For me since becoming a finalist at the UK Blog Awards last month.


It’s provided me a large audience, UK wide and Internationally too, not focused on me, but focused on both Kynren and Bishop Auckland, and I want to carry that on.

I want to keep raising awareness of our great town, our businesses, our local charities, and what the fantastic people do to support our town.

So I’m reaching out a little bit, whilst I’m still here, I’d like to write more about our local community, I’d like to write about our people, to write blog postings regarding the businesses of our town and any events that are on to encourage and attract more visitors to our area and keep giving back.

If your business, charity organisation, event or you have ideas on what may be a good topic that I can write about to help promote your cause and Bishop Auckland to a wider audience, you can contact me here through my Facebook page.

Author: Andrew Corry

Looking for opportunities as a part time freelance writer. All voluntarily work will be considered to help build my portfolio. UK Blogging Awards 2017 Finalist for my Kynren Blog - My Experience. The awards ceremony was held at Westminster, London in April 2017. I currently write for a number of clients based in business, tourism and music related industry's. For all enquiries please contact me at: for further details.

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