Well for all of you who don’t know me, or maybe you may recognise the name, or the face, here I am, Andrew Corry.

Relatively new to writing or blogging, having only started a little over a year ago, but I have achieved so much in only a short time.

If you’ve followed some of my work, I wrote the original ‘Kynren Blog’ that was recently a finalist at the UK Blog Awards held at Westminster, London in April 2017.

‘Kynren’ My Experience | This blog is sharing my thoughts and journey as a volunteer on the Eleven Arches project ‘Kynren’

Alongside this I had been writing a second blog, completely different on subject type, as this was recording a different journey, through my diagnosis with depression since November 2016 and ongoing recovery.

Black behind my eyes

With depression many sufferers refer to a ‘black dog’ for me, when I felt like my depression had it’s hold over me, and when it did, I felt as though I was ‘Black Behind My Eyes’ on many occasions.

Since the blog awards drew to a close a couple of weeks ago, I’ve taken time out, a lot of time out.


I have half written a couple of articles, but apart from that I have hardly written at all.

Through my depression, or more so recovery, I decided with a heavy heart to quit the Kynren project, to work more on my wellbeing.

It is always a tough decision to make, especially when  you decide to walk away from something you love, and with it, walk away from something that had helped to inspire a new passion.

How can you write about Kynren if you are no longer a part of Kynren right?

So through many a day, and many a sleepless night I had been weighing up everything, and for me, hard as it was, it’s been a very good decision.

It may not be forever, but it’s definitely right for me, right now, and that is the only thing that matters for me at present.

But, that’s where the dilemma laid, what would I write about now?

Well as I’ve taken some time out to think wisely and carefully, I’ve come to some life decisions too.

As I’m still progressing through my recovery, and not being too sure on what or where my next career step will come from, I decided my next step is to sell my house.

Not an easy decision I know, one that has weighed me down for a number of months, but I knew this could happen, and sadly it has.

In selling the property it will provide me with some financial freedom and with it, some more much needed time to work out what I want and where I’d like to be doing it.

The plan is once it’s sold, to go and see some of the world, visit some new countries, cities or towns, places where I’ve always had a desire to go to, just never got around to going.

However, as I say this, I have applied for certain job roles that tick all of the boxes and if it proved to be successful, all of the above plans would change again.

For me, I’m a passionate person to start with, but I have a real passion for the place I live, and now more for the people who live here too.

For the last part, Kynren has been the catalyst for this, this project has brought it’s community back together.

To leave Bishop Auckland wouldn’t be my first choice, but currently it’s my only choice.

So what is this new blog going to be all about?

It’s going to be about many things, it’s going to act as a central hub for me to talk about a number of different topics.

Talking about my life, my experiences, travel plans, my passions, talking more about mental health from my viewpoint, relating back against ‘Black Behind My Eyes’ talking about the dark days of depression right through the process of recovering and hopefully one day, fully recovered.

And not without talking about ‘Kynren’ from time to time too, after all that’s where all this started from, even though I’m not directly involved this season, I’m still immensely proud of the project and of the people, who I can now call friends who continue to take part.

I hope you may find my blog articles of interest or relatable in the future.




Author: Andrew Corry

Looking for opportunities as a part time freelance writer. All voluntarily work will be considered to help build my portfolio. UK Blogging Awards 2017 Finalist for my Kynren Blog - My Experience. The awards ceremony was held at Westminster, London in April 2017. I currently write for a number of clients based in business, tourism and music related industry's. For all enquiries please contact me at: for further details.

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  1. However your path turns out, I wish you all the best. Kyren will still very much be part of you I’m sure

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    1. I think you’ll be right, I’ve achieved so much on that project inside 12 months, the UK Blog Awards were the exceptional cherry on top.

      The people will always make that project the true success that it is, and I’m now fortunate to call many of them friends.

      What’s next for me? We’ll have to wait and see, but writing is now a huge part of my life going forward.


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