Take care of yourself

Standing silently.

Focused, yet calm.

Watching, but not paying attention.

Deep in thought, but distracted.

Take care of yourself is the words you constantly remind everyone of yet you never live by your own good advice.

The words hanging on like band aids to your face, as reminders to take care but in any given moment you can rip them off so the world can’t see.

Many times it’s easier to force that smile that proves to the world you are happy than let down your daily mask and show just how vulnerable you are.

Calmness, that sense of still.

We breathe.

Hard, heavy strokes.

The world revolves as it always does, it takes no prisoners, yet holds no rewards either.

Good days, bad days.

We all have them.

Embrace the good ones and breathe.

Disgard the bad ones and breathe that little bit deeper.

Take care of yourself.


What do you see?

When you look at an image what do you see?

Take a longer look and what do you see.

Now write about it.

That’s what these latest writing prompts are creating, opportunities to challenge your capabilities and push yourself to write about anything and everything.

To write isn’t just about writing and structuring your piece well, it’s about capturing something within a moment or an image or a descriptive word that allows your reader to be reminded too.

It’s sharing what you see, how you feel and bringing it back to life.

What I see is a man walking down a catwalk, colours of browns and creams swirl together in a sphere shape, contrasting against each other.

The man in all black casually walking into a unknown for the seeker, yet his demeanour represents a swagger of calmness, yet attitude as this is my time.

We each have our own catwalks of time that we walk down as our lives evolve around us, hidden to those who seek, breathe in your calmness, find your confidence to show your swagger and always leave your attitude at the door.


How was the match my father asked the following day, talking from behind a newspaper.

Carnage was my reply.

Briefly looking over the top of the broadsheets he calmly replied it sounds like it, I’m pleased you didn’t take the kids now.

So am I was my reply.

In total honesty the only word to describe it was carnage.

The photograph in the paper captured a moment just like it had been all day.

Last game of the season and emotions were high and the noise at times was deafening, and that was even before the players took to the field.

Grown men scrabbling up walls to gain a higher viewpoint to level profanities to the away supporters and lead a protest at the departing chairman and hopefully manager too.

What a season it has been, only for all the wrong reasons, but they are my team, as they have always been from such a small boy.

My dad glanced once again in that same knowing acknowledgement, passed down from generations, that no matter how things are going you remain loyal to your colours.

Take them next season a voice from down the hallway was shouted with a sarcastic tone, they might actually win for once exclaimed the lady of the house.

She might just be right was the silenced acknowledgement.

What is your story?

It’s a combination, things that you know and many more that you don’t.

My reflection shows truth, it also shows scars, deep wounds right down to my core.

Sealed by a strength of character and held together by undeniable courage, so much so that no one but myself can even see them.

You are reminded by my words, you are reminded because they happened.

My story is a continuation of everything that has gone by and everything that is still yet to come.

The memories, the moments, the heartbreaks, the laughter, the darkness and the light.

My story is incomplete and is still to be written.

Roads lead

Cars and vans and motorcycles, that’s all I can see from overhead.

Some going one way, others in the opposite direction.

From workers to tourists, or even daytrippers to retired folk idley passing away their day.

Destinations unknown to me, as we whizz by amongst the clouds.

The roads form a duel carriageway built across water, shimmering with a reflective glow from the heat of the sun, shining brightly within the sky.

Traffic starts to slowly build in one direction as we change direction and fly on by, wondering if those vehicles are heading home or about to start their next adventure.


Let’s play a game she said.

Before even the waiting staff had cleared the dishes or wiped down the table, these 5 dice appeared from Susie’s bag and had already rolled and landed how they appeared.

Drinking game she excitedly exclaimed.

Carly immediately shook her head, she had plans tonight with Joe, the cinema I think they agreed on, just not which film.

Erica was in if everyone else was, that’s the spirit Susie encouraged.

Quickly followed by Paula and Harri, (short for Harriet) but only her mother called her that.

Picking up the dice, Harri asked what were the rules.

Susie asked Harri to pass each person a dice, Carly still exclaiming that she didn’t want to play, but also knowing her 4 best friends wouldn’t take no for answer either, she too took hold of her dice.

The rules are simple Susie shouted, we each roll the dice and if we land the same number we are safe.

Those who have different numbers keep rolling until there’s one left and they buy the shots.

It’s a game of luck and chance, so let’s roll the diceā€¦


Lights, camera, action!

Those were the words that echoed inside my own head, as I stand here on the mark, ready to go.

But the last words I recall, said no more than 5 minutes earlier was, ‘that’s a wrap people’.

For I am not the star I crave to be, but the hired help, to sweep the floor and take orders for coffee breaks.

I am a runner, when all I wish for is my chance at being the star.

As I gaze at the camera I’m slumped rather than standing tall, those that remain are preoccupied as if I’m not even in the room.

The room is long, with hardwood floors that add to the echoes of any movement of sound, dark, yet dimly lit from an array of lights and cables running everywhere across the floor.

A sound reverberates around the room that I certainly missed the first time, perhaps even the second one too.

‘Hey!’ goes that voice once again, what are you doing!?! is shrieked in my direction.

The room won’t get tidied on its own.

Snapped back into my own reality, the dream will have to wait as my day job requires my own personal attention.

Make a change

Make a change was the little note that was hand written from a slightly torn piece of paper, resting within the girl’s clasped open hands.

Also resting were a number of coins, some copper, some silver, some old, some new.

As I parked up the car it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t any loose change for the parking.

An old machine stood at the exit, in exchange for a ticket but only collected coins.

As I approached the girl, who was well dressed with beautifully manicured nails, with a fresh white coating.

Her hands weren’t clasped out wide with a begging tone, quite the opposite, she was the one spreading that positive message of making a change in society and helping one another.

As many people approached her and took, some without even so much as a thank you, I took some change in exchange for a note of financial value.

She firstly refused, so in order to pass the same deed forward, on the return to the same car park I brought her lunch with money bags of assorted coins to assist her in her quest to help people.

About Me


A couple of weeks ago a memory flashed up in my inbox regarding this blog.

It was created one year ago, and it made me reflect on what it first started out to be, to what it turned into and what it is now.

12 months ago my life was still in turmoil, not sure in which direction I was really heading in, nor even what I wanted to do.

This blog started out exploring the idea of traveling, and writing about my experiences of visiting far away lands, and sharing those memories and moments through words and pictures.

That didn’t happen.

The secondary focus was to concentrate on Bishop Auckland, whilst I was looking to tie up loose ends before leaving.

That is now prodomodately what this blog is all about.

Last year, I wrote as many articles as time allowed me to write them, with a focus of helping, supporting and promoting local businesses, charities and community themed projects.

I did this all in my own time, without any costs to anyone, because I wanted too.

And in doing so, I’ve met some wonderful people along the way, who quite frankly I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

I’ve walked through shop doorways instead of walking past them just looking in, and meeting interesting and passionate business owners.

I’ve worked alongside and learnt so much about the work and collective efforts local people are actively doing with charities and community groups.

I’ve founded and partnered a new event in Bishop Auckland, (Bishop Celebrating Together) which is now going to be an annual event.

I’ve felt at times that each article I’ve written, opens up different doors to meet new people, and grasp new opportunities.

But this year it has stalled somewhat.

Something that I am keen to change.

My circumstances have changed since that first article, my life has transitioned and developed just like most people’s lives do.

At that time I was recovering from depression, unknown where I’d end up, needing work, looking for work, but at that time probably not ready for it.

Drifting with no focus.

Writing gave me that focus.

It led me onto writing freelance for Durham Markets and also Music Geeks, a new music publication in London.

From there, the initial approach from Bishop FM to be involved in a new project, and I have since been producing and presenting a show with them since September.

All I was really looking for last year was a focus and routine.

I’m now in a position where I have both, and a whole lot more to offer.

I want to get back into my writing, I have a long list of articles to finish off, or start.

And an even longer list of Bishop Auckland topically posts to write about and work with.

For me and Bishop Auckland, it’s a friendship of sorts, I’m proud to live where I live, I want to help people, I want to support them, and encourage within the town we live in.

I want to get back to writing freely about our town and promote our local businesses, support the local charities, and become more involved in community projects to try and bring more awareness.

As I mentioned, Bishop Celebrating Together returns in September, but that isn’t the only event that is on my list to create and get off the ground.

Now I have routine and purpose in my personal life, it’s time to kick back on with everything I first started.

And by doing so starting to write more articles to promote Bishop Auckland and the passionate people who live here.

For more information or to read more of my articles please visit:


UK Blog Awards 2018


Tomorrow, Friday 22nd December marks the close of voting for nominations in next year’s UK Blog Awards.

Rewind 12 months ago and after entering my Kynren blog I was hopeful but not expectant.

In actual fact it came as a real surprise and shock that on the 2nd January 2017 I received an email to say it had been shortlisted in the ‘Events and Weddings’ category and I was invited to attend the ceremony at Westminster, London.

This year the blog up against thousands upon thousands of other hopeful bloggers and writers is this one.

Sitting under my self titled name, Andrew Corry Blog which is mainly written about the Bishop Auckland community; being businesses, charities and community projects.

A blog which has a focus point of writing on behalf of each, with a long term personal commitment to help the town and community I live amongst.

Many months ago I had this idea, it transpired after I attended this year’s awards ceremony in April.

The Kynren Blog started out to record my personal journey, something I could look back on without ever having to try and remember.

It was a record in detailed form, associated around words and pictures showing my experience on the project, one of which I’ll now treasure forever.

Originally writing it for myself, it gathered momentum on each and every post.

From fellow volunteers relating to the same emotions of the project to worldwide readers watching from close by or miles away, many on distant shores too.

Following the progress of a brand new project that the world was watching.

And not spoken about from a marketing perspective, on why you should go, but on an emotional perspective of how it feels to be there, how a project of this magnitude has and continues to keep changing my life.

Spoken from a volunteers perspective, just one of many thousands of volunteer voices.

How volunteering with likeminded people introduces you to a different world, a whole different mindset.

I feel richer for having and continuing to be involved.

So from April, and the many months prior, I had developed a readers following, I had momentum and people were interested to hear what I had to say and looking to find out more about the project.

Through the awards I was helping to bring exposure to both the Kynren project and Bishop Auckland as a town, and I wanted that to continue.

Continue to gain exposure, and to continue to write in a way that gained a personal connection with each and every reader.

But my Kynren journey paused earlier this year and I found myself at a crossroads.

How could I keep the momentum that I had helped to generate on Bishop Auckland if I had no subject matter to write about through Kynren.

So, I decided to write more about the town of Bishop Auckland instead.

I wanted to remind the residents of what we have.

I wanted to continue to encourage new visitors to our area too.

What I actually did was open my eyes and really appreciate everything we have actually got in this town myself.

Hands down it’s the most passionate I’ve ever lived in.

A town that I am proud to live in, because of the passion people who live here have.

In the last 6 months I have met many people, people who I would never have met otherwise, had I not walked into a shop and said hello instead of constantly just walking by and looking in.

To the many walks and green spaces and outstandingly beautiful scenery that we have from every corner of our town.

The opportunity to listen and learn about many different community developments and charity work that sometimes goes uncaptured when you aren’t aware of all the hard work and effort that is made.

This is my town, just like it is your town, and I wanted to give back, just like I gave back to Kynren, just like I’ll continue to give time to Kynren.

I want to help to stabilise it, I want to help it grow, I want future generations to have possibilities for progression and growth, I want to see it thrive.

I want to write.

I want to write and showcase our town, from residents in Bishop Auckland to surrounding communities and towns, to County Durham to the UK and abroad too.

I want to continue to keep giving back, keep giving my time to help and support those around me that need it, whether that is the community, the businesses, charities or the people.

I want to keep playing my small part in raising the profile of Bishop Auckland.

Whether I make the shortlist next year for the awards or not it doesn’t change anything, I am looking to go on and continue to achieve and play my part in making a difference.

The ‘Bishop Celebrating Together’ event will be celebrated again within the community in September 2018.

I will continue to write free articles to promote Bishop Auckland as I can fit in.

I’ll continue to keep volunteering in many different areas and projects, whether that’s through writing, or community radio, to Kynren or maybe even a project that I’m unaware of yet.

I want to keep collaborating with many different people and projects to develop myself as much as enhancing the town and community.

Bishop Auckland is the place that holds a big piece of my heart and will always hold it.

2018 will bring everything it’s meant too.

If you would like to vote, please click here: https://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/ukba2018/entries/andrew-corry-blog

For more information or to read more of my articles please visit: